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"A high-class album to dance, dream and love. Everything on this debut is consistent and should be on the radio right away. I am enthusiastic about Moment In Time and give it a deserved  9/10"

 - Andreas Monte

(Soundmagnet, Germany)

"Another standout comes in the surprising form of 'Book of Days'. It steadily rollicks along on shards of melody and harmony with the vocals and lyrics giving the song its emotional heft. 'Dark' takes the piano and guitar-driven power ballad template, and bathes it in irresistible vocals and emotive orchestration, both of which pack a heavy punch. All-round, there’s enough alt-rock polish on “Moment In Time” to keep it consistently shining for long-term playing"

- Tunedloud

"Opening to a wall of glorious guitars ‘Falling For A Shooting Star’ is the strong opener which ululates like a ship on a stormy sea. Powered forth by a strong backbeat it’s an addictive number that begs repeat plays"

 - Alex Novak

(Pulse Alternative)

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