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A Distant Echo

Released 5th December 2022

Already with the opener White Flag, you can feel the warm and pleasant voice of Tony Barrett-Powell, which immediately captivates you and wraps itself around your soul like a cloak. The voice floats on the river playing the rhythm section and waves on top, hopping the guitar and setting its accents. Although the music is danceable throughout, it remains rock because the lead guitar is a constant and important part of the compositions. It always sets distinctive signs with riffs and gets enough space for solo parts.

The content of the lyrics has not changed compared to the debut album. Relationship stories are packed into faster numbers, then tragic and melancholic melodies accompany stories about love and disappointments. The themes are understandable for every listener and the content is perfectly reflected musically.

In addition to the opener, there are other up-tempo songs like Where Shadows Fall and Rats at the beginning. With I'm Awake follows a first quieter and very emotional song. The song doesn't get under your skin quite as deeply as the great Dark from the previous Moment In Time, but it reminds me of that track with its mood.


The fact that the band doesn't always use the same recipe makes the album varied. You can feel a lot of small ideas and details in the songs. Breathe carries a touch of Britpop through the playing of acoustic and electric guitar.

The following Roaming has delicate folk influences and shows a lot of feeling in the rhythm. Thorn Between Our Lips gets us back into dance mode with its somewhat overt bass lines. A more melancholic track is Fade. Despite the mid-tempo, melancholy lies like a dark shadow over the composition.

A Distance Echo ends with two more powerful songs. First there is a rather inconspicuous Another Day, which is followed by the riff-dominated Rage. With its old-style guitar riff, the song is not a typical song for the album and is reminiscent of the rocking 1970s. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, it's really fun. The beautiful solo and the energy of the song carry us positively and in a good mood from the album.

Monte Lange - Soundmagnet

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