Finn and Newey had previously worked with Denning as a drummer in the late 90's in Cyan and then subsequently as a keyboard player in Trash Casino, so the variety of musicianship that Denning brought to the table was ideal, with Denning also able to add his song writing skills to the project. Barrett Powell had been playing alongside Finn and Newey in Racing Mars as a guitarist since 2014, but as a stand alone singer and songwriter himself and having released the album Unlikely Happenstance in 2011, his vocals and rhythm guitar playing fitted perfectly with the image that Finn, Newey and Denning had envisioned.
        The band started to work through a catalogue of songs through 2019, playing a number of shows, mostly locally, and settled on the 10 tracks that would ultimately form their first album Moment In Time, with the initial recordings finished early in 2020 and finalised throughout the summer and early autumn of the year. They then immediately looked to start writing and recording their next album, featuring re-recordings of three 90’s Cyan tracks (Rage, Another Day and Thorn Between Our Lips), and released A Distant Echo in December 2022.

The Paramount Trip draw on their individual influences for their sound, ultimately blending together the acoustic warmth of Barrett Powell and keyboard sounds of Rich Denning, but with the undeniable Racing Mars sound that has become synonymous to Finn and Newey.

The Paramount Trip were formed in 2018 in Bristol, England by members of the bands Cyan and Racing Mars. Both bands are known for their harder hitting rock sound, but band members Chris Finn - bass and Andy Newey - guitars had written a number of songs that were designed for a more alternative rock sound, so set they set about forming another project to perform and record these songs; joining up initially with drummer and keyboard player Rich Denning and then singer-songwriter Tony Barrett Powell to form The Paramount Trip.


Tony Barrett-Powell
Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar


Andy Newey
Lead Guitar


Chris Finn
Bass, Backing Vocals


Rich Denning
Drums, Keyboards, Backing Vocals


Label: Dark Street Records

Location: Bristol, England

Publishers: Sentric Music

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