Album: Moment In Time
Video released 6th November 2020

"Thanks for sharing this beautiful and poppy track..."  - Havoc Underground, (music blog)

"Sweet track! The guitars are pretty and the kick cuts through the mix nicely. Good work!"  - Terokien Audio Production (music review)


Album: Moment In Time
Video released 24th November 2020

"...pretty deep, contemplative, and mysterious in terms of progression. The mix of hard rock hooks with post-punk discord mood make for some brooding appeal. The song comes off as a slow, yet hard-hitting rock tune with punchy elements throughout.".

UNXIGNED (music blog)


Album: Moment In Time
Video released 22nd December 2020

"...a kaleidoscopic listen....indulging in the white funk of David Bowie." -  PULSE ALTERNATIVE (music magazine)

Album: Moment In Time
Video released 30th January 2020

"I’m liking the haunting, discombobulating nature of ‘Waking Nightmare’ that drifts from speaker to speaker like a somnambulist and creates a dreamlike state......" -  PULSE ALTERNATIVE (music magazine)


"Forged in the alternate sound of warm keys and crushing guitars, “Walking Nightmare” is the ballad you expect on an album of this caliber."  -   TUNEDLOUD (music magazine)



Album: A Distant Echo
Video released 25th November 2022

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